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Last night Professor Jeffrey Stout was joined by Professor John Bowlin (Robert L. Stuart Professor of Philosophy and Christian Ethics, Princeton Theological Seminary), Professor G. Scott Davis (Lewis T. Booker Professor in Religion and Ethics, University of Richmond), and Professor Cornel West (Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy, Harvard University) to further discuss his Gifford Lectures among themselves and with the audience. The event was chaired by Dr Alison Elliot, (Associate Director of the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at the University of Edinburgh). A link to the audio provided by the RSE can be found at the bottom of this post.  Professor Mona Siddiqui delivered a vote of thanks at the end of the evening, and it is posted below for those who were unable to attend and for those who would like to reflect on it again. Professor Siddiqui is Professor of Islamic and Inter-religious Studies and Assistant Principal Religion and Society at the University of Edinburgh. She is also herself a former Gifford Lecturer.


Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and colleagues.

It is an enormous privilege but also a challenge to give a vote of thanks at this event but I hope that my few words will do justice to this evening and encapsulate what many of us have been lucky enough to observe over the last few days.

Over dinner yesterday Professor Cornel West used the words intellectual integrity when he spoke of his friend Jeffrey Stout – this phrase stayed with me during the evening as I made my way home afterwards on a rather cold and empty train. How do we know and measure intellectual integrity and what value should we place on it?

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