2015 Finale: The Profoundly Disabled as our Human Equals

In a sensitively structured and cogent conclusion to his Gifford Lecture Series, Professor20150127_Gifford_Lecture_2_still3 Jeremy Waldron tonight set out his argument for the full, unequivocal inclusion of those who are ‘profoundly disabled’ within his schemata for ‘basic human equality’. As he described his ‘bottom line’: ‘those who are profoundly disabled are human persons too, endowed with human dignity, distinct from non-human animals, and entitled to human equality’. Continue reading

Did God Create Us Equal?

Turning his attention now to human equality and its relationship to concepts of God, Professor Waldron offered the following alternative challenges:20150126_Gifford_Lecture

  1. Can there be a religious argument for equality which holds firm in the present day?
  2. Or accepting some original theological foundations for human equality, can the ‘jist of the argument be detached from its religious scaffolding’?
  3. Or can there be an elaborated account of human equality without any association with theology?

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